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Long Island, NY and it's climate call for knowing more than ordinary about pest and ways of controlling them.

Prevention is key. Take out the trash. Improve drainage. Clean up food and water spills immediately. Repair plumbing leaks. Seal cracks and crevices in walls and floors. Seal cracks in driveways and sidewalks. Repair torn window/door screens.

Ants: Eliminate trails between the nest and food and water sources. Get rid of piles of wood, bricks, or other debris. Seal all cracks in your house’s exterior. Trim tree and shrub branches so they don’t touch the house.

Cockroaches: Find and treat the roaches’ microhabitat directly. Usually, the services of a professional exterminator will be required for long-term control.

Crickets: Don’t use heavy ground cover in landscaping within 10 feet of the house. Store firewood and lumber away from the house. Seal exterior cracks and holes. Install yellow bug lights in outdoor fixtures.

Mice: Seal off and clean up any potential habitat. Seal holes and cracks 1/4 of an inch and larger – if a pencil can fit into the hole or crack, so can a mouse. Install thick weatherstripping on the bottom of all doors.

Spiders: Seal cracks around windows and doors. Remove spider webs regularly. Use yellow bug lights outdoors to attract fewer flying insects on which spiders feed.

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